BERAS+ Vita Fortified Parboiled Basmati


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    Basmati rice is a staple food enjoyed by many Malaysians but unfortunately, it contains very little nutrition. BERAS+ VIta is enriched with essential minerals and vitamins to ensure that you receive the right balance of micronutrients whilst enjoying your favourite staple food. Fortification is carried out using the latest patented Swiss proprietary technology, ensuring that vitamins and minerals are not lost during rinsing, cooking and storage.

    Our products are sustainably sourced and  free from genetic modifications and artificial additives. BERAS+ is the simplest and healthiest way to obtain essential micronutrients without major changes to your dietary intake

    BERAS+ Vita consists of a formulation with concentrated β-carotene derived from carrots, further enriched with vitamin B1, vitamin B3, iron and zinc to maintain healthy skin, vision and immune system. Mixed with the finest parboiled basmati rice from Punjab, harness both the power of fortification and parboiling all in one packet

    Fortifoods is committed to tackling child malnutrition in Malaysia. A portion of each sale goes toward the Fortifoods Food Initiative program which aims to leverage the power of food fortification to ensure that children across Malaysia receive better nutrition.

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